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BedBugBeatDown was founded 2 years ago in the beginning of 2010 as a result of a personal bout with bed bugs in my home.  Being a frequent traveler I'm sure one hitched a ride back with me and thus began my first and worse encounter with the infamous bed bugs.


I scoured the internet for hours, days, weeks trying to find solutions, only to be met with so much conflicting information that I literally did not know where to turn. I hired several exterminators who came in with a very non-chalant attitude and the regular hum drum spiel of "We'll spray all the baseboards and treat some furniture for just under $1,000 bucks and can't guarantee we can get rid of them unless we return for 3-5 more treatments". It wasn't the type of response that gave me confidence so I plowed forward with the most extensive research project I have ever performed since my early college years.


After engulfing my brain with every piece of information I could find, I called on friends who were exterminators, strangers I chatted with online, professionals at supply warehouses and surveyed just about every professional I could find within the borders of the US for answers to support the information I had mined. After many weeks of this I finally realized that no matter what I did even hired an exterminator, that there was a ton of work that I had to personally carry out in order to effectively eliminate these pests from my life. After realizing this coupled with the fact that the bed bug resurgence was so new that many of the seasoned professionals with 20-30 year experience had actually never seen or dealt with bed bugs personally I decided to take the task head on. Not to mention I didn't have $3-4 grand laying around to pay someone else to fight this battle for me.


I invested about $600 in all the equipment, insecticides and pesticides I needed after carefully reading and researching the exact protocol necessary to effectively treat my home for bed bugs. I meticulously carried out the treatments and within 6-8 weeks my peace of mind had finally been restored and the bed bugs were gone. 2 years later I still continue to travel extensively but have never had 1 re-infestation due to my newly found expertise on how to treat and prevent bed bugs.


Realizing that epic proportions that bed bug infestations have grown to, I also realized that if I did not help educate my family, friends, parents of my kids friends and on and on and on that I would always be at great risk of re-infestation. I decided to start teaching them what I knew and decided to not only help my immediate circle but everyone else possible so that not only would I be helping them but also helping myself.


Bed bugs don't discriminate and they are one of the most resilient and resistant bugs on the planet. This is a serious epidemic and if we don't all help each other, each one, teach one, we will all be in for a very rough ride. So there ya have it, that is the story and reason I developed this site. No fancy, bragodocious we're the best company in the world spiels here, it's purely an effort to help you, help others and in turn help ourselves. Every product  on the site has been personally tested and proven to be effective against bed bugs and the reason I choose to list them. I'll never list a bazillion products in efforts to increase profits but instead hand pick the most effective proven products that worked for me and many others. So hopefully you use us and eliminate bed bugs from your life.


Feel free to call anytime and we'll do our best to give you an information bazooka to fight back against these nasty pests.

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